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Research on eye tracking and gaze interaction

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The one month open-source gaze tracker

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As a part of our preparation for the CHI2009 conference in Boston we have ported and reused code into a working gaze tracker in only one month. It is our intentions to make the system open-source and let people try and contribute to the project via

The simple design and setup of the gaze tracker allows an easy start for first-time users and also more experienced people in the field. For the first time ever people will be able try out and experiment with a gaze tracker with the cost of a web- or video-camera mounted in front of a computer without writing code or fiddling around with hardware hacks.

We have attached some pictures from the process showing the remote setup and the mouth-mounted setup. In the remote setup we can choose to use the glints from the infrared lamps on both sides of the screen to make the system head-pose invariant.